La Cafexpress

The Belle-Epoque machine


3 materials, 3 atmospheres ... Whether bronze, copper or steel, La Cafexpress enhances your environment. A journey through time and the authentic flavors of yesterday.

Golden Eagle


Silver Tank


Hard Copper

Golden Eagle -

Silver Tank
Hard Copper -

The Cafexpress returns to the basics of coffee extraction. Operating entirely on the strength of heat, this fully manual machine demonstrates unrivaled robustness.

Equipped with two groups for the 15 and 25L models, a steam spout, and 3 water taps, the Cafexpress will allow you to make all types of coffee and cappuccino with the elegance of yesteryear. Available in 3 formats (10L, 15L and 25L).

Golden Eagle -
Hard Copper -
Silver Tank -

Entirely hand-made, these machines offer a dual power source: electric and gas according to your needs. The Cafexpress is characterized by its great adaptability, its unique design, the nobility of its materials and its reliability.



1070 Puidoux - Switzerland

T. +41 79 394 24 72

Golen Eagle